Monday, April 27, 2009

I wanna be Chubby Biker...

Rain, snow, sleet, or sunshine... Gentle breezes, gale force winds... It doesn't matter, Chubby Biker is out there.

I don't know who Chubby Biker really is. I'm sure her actual moniker is a bit more mundane... But whoever she is, she's a regular fixture on the hill. And she's earned my respect. I have to think hard to remember a day when I haven't passed Chubby Biker in her effort-filled peddling to the top of the mountain. Sometimes she bikes in the morning, sometimes it's in the afternoon, but she's certainly dedicated to her daily challenge.

Biking to the top of our hill is a popular challenge for the bike set. In fact, passing bikers on the hill is not an unexpected event. I've become accustomed to fudging left of center (of my lane) to leave a safety buffer for the bikers. (And dare I mention that some of those bikers wobble across the line like drunks? Some of them need that safety buffer that I so generously provide!) Most of the bikers wear their fancy bike pants, with matching jerseys, toe-clipped shoes, and customized helmets. Not Chubby Biker, she wears sweat pants, sneakers, a basic helmet, and a puffy, down parka. She is obviously not an athlete. She probably started this exercise (no pun intended) in uphill peddling in an effort to lose a couple pounds. But her dedication and stick-to-it-iveness impress me.

I considered becoming one of those bikers, ok--maybe not seriously, because I can't seem to find a comfortable bike seat... I considered taking up jogging, but I just don't like to run... Walking works, but around here, it seems to require snowshoes. I want to be like Chubby Biker and get myself moving... Maybe I just haven't found my sport.

Those other bikers is their fancy pants just don't inspire me. I don't feel an unrepressed desire to cheer them on. They get their glory when they cross the finish line in record time. But not Chubby Biker--she's in no danger of winning a race anytime soon. But regardless, she's the one who gets my vote!

So, three cheers for Chubby Biker! Chubby Biker, I salute you! I am inspired by your willpower and dedication. And just think--a few more pounds and you can wear those silly (tight!) bike shorts, too! And then, of course, we'll rename you Hot Bike Chick! How's that?!


Olivia said...

Wait. Is that the biker with the brownish hood up over her head? I always thought that was a dude. Way to go Chubby Biker!! I was inspired when I thought she was a guy. Now I'm totally impressed!

honeypiehorse said...

Poor chubby biker, all that dedication should pay off!

Natalie said...

ha ha! i see her every day, too!! i'm always amazed when i see her huffing up the mountain. i sure couldn't do it!

Bebe said...

Just as a side note, have you noticed that Chubby Biker isn't as chubby as she was a few months ago? She may be renamed sooner rather than later! Way to go Not-So-Chubby Biker!

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