Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Chaos Rules

I'm pretty sure there is an unwritten set of rules that orchestrate the happenings of my life.

For instance, I think one of the important rules must address the necessity of a certain level of chaos at all times.  Example:  When I am too busy to cope with anything else, the children will get sick.  This rule is quickly followed by the rule that says:  When the children recover from illness, they will injure themselves requiring a trip to the ER.

The list of rules goes on to include things like:  When you splurge on cute new shoes for a pair of adorable little feet, those feet will miraculously grow an inch longer, necessitating yet another pair of new shoes.

One of my favorite rules is this:  The more you need to accomplish something in a timely manner, the more obstinately your teen will dig in his/her heels.

Then there's always this:  That toy that nobody wants will suddenly become the favored toy by all, as soon as anyone shows the slightest amount of interest in it.  This will lead to fighting, crying, and complaining.

Or how about this:  The car will be knocked out of alignment just after you've purchased a set of new tires, thus ruining the tires and requiring you to buy a complete new set of four tires (because you drive an AWD vehicle)...

Oh--this is a good one:  When the house is a disaster and you're gone all day (making it impossible to do anything about it), your friends from out of town call to say they want to drop in for a visit.

What I'm wondering is this...  Does everyone have the same set of Chaos Rules?  Or do I have my own personal set?  And does anyone have a written set of these rules?  If so, does it help to know the rules so you can study them and prepare for the eventualities?  Or is there an additional rule that states that any level of understanding of the rules creates a new set of more obscure and infinitely more irritating rules?

Just wondering...


Olivia said...

Here are the rules:

1. There are no rules.
2. When in doubt refer back to rule #1.

honeypiehorse said...

It's not just you. That tire thing happened to us too. And all kids are like that, even my perfect ones. ;-) But with so many little feet to clothe you'd think no shoes would go to waste, ever.

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