Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Too Much to Do

You know those days when you sit around watching the soaps because you can't find anything else to do?... Yeah. Me neither!

I'm in stress mode trying to get everything ready for a trip to Greece and then Italy. I'm feeling the pressure of packing for events for which I'm not in charge. Have I ever mentioned that I like being in charge? I hate not knowing what to expect and what is expected of me. It causes me an unmeasurable amount of anxiety. I know, it's a control issue--don't judge me, I'm working on it...

And if that wasn't bad enough... I also have to coordinate, arrange, plan, and prepare for all the eventualities that will occur to/for my children while I am gone. Hopefully those unscheduled activities (that inevitably pop up) will not include any more trips to the ER.

Additionally, I am feeling guilty that I'm leaving my kids to my mom and dad for two weeks... Not that they can't handle it--they will handle it better than I could. But still, I won't be in charge. And I hope they survive it (my parents, that is... not at all worried about the kids!).

So--if you have any packing suggestions, de-stressifying suggestions, or other random suggestions, submit them now. And if you know of anything in particular that I should or should not pack, do, prepare, please let me know that as well. Although, if your suggestion includes learn to speak Italian--please keep it to yourself. I tried that and it was an epic failure.


honeypiehorse said...

I don't, dear, but those are gorgeous suitcases. I wish they were mine. Your guilt will vanish once you hit Greece.

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