Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Difference of Opinion

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I'm of the opinion that we don't need a boat to be a happy family... The Mister, however, is of the opinion that a boat would truly make us a much happier family... possibly for all eternity...

As I recall, we were very recently trying to get out of the boat-ownership condition. Remember our efforts to sell The Mister's Dream? And we did have success (eventually)... So why would we want to go back now?

Regardless--The Mister talked me into meeting him at the boat shop today. It seems that he's going through severe boat-ownership withdrawals... Never mind that he can go boating with any number of friends... And let's not forget his resourceful decision to rent a boat whenever he felt the need to connect with the lake... Contrary to all our discussions, he wants to buy a boat. Ugh.

I did my part in the boat-shopping experience. I was the voice of reason. The sensible one. I stood by, and shook my head, and refused to be impressed by the well-versed salesman. I feigned boredom (actually, a lot of my look-of-boredom was authentic... shhhh, don't tell).

Regardless of how our discussions proceed, after an hour at the boat shop, I now realize there is a bigger issue at hand. The real question may be much more important than "to buy or not to buy." The dilemma might actually be what boat should we buy?

The Mister has his heart set on something like this:

While still morally (ok, maybe just fiscally) opposed to a new boat,
I have to admit to a certain affection for this:

The Buddies, however, may get everyone on the same page... They found this!

If we get this, The Buddies will be ecstatic,
oh! OH! Can we get the boat with the camper on it? Please Mom!?

I will be un-grumpy about any outrageous outlay of moolah...

And The Mister will once again have reason to be a proud boat-insurance-paying, backward-down-the-ramp-trailering, Ducky-spraying, tower-lowering-to-fit-the-garage, boat owner.

Decision made. Let's buy that boat!


honeypiehorse said...

I thought you went boat shopping back when you were selling the old boat. Still no boat?? Get a boat!

TravelByTurtle said...

The buddies rule! And remind the Mister that his previous decision to rent as needed was indeed helping to save money/pay off his MBA.

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