Friday, June 5, 2009

Where is Chubby Biker?

Upon my return from our European vacation, I was greeted by the mass exodus of children fleeing their schools for the summer. At the same time, I was confronted by the massive amounts of laundry we had accumulated over the two weeks (mine and The Mister's... Grandma did all the kids'--bless her!). Anyway, I've been too distracted by the HE bleach-free Tide, the overdose-risky Snuggle, sorting, folding, putting-away, and the ongoing refereeing and entertaining of the kids to really take notice of the world around me.

Now that I'm trying to get back into the swing of things, it seems that my return from my European vacation was also met with noticeably warmer weather. I see bikers, joggers, walkers, stroller-pushers, and hikers... I've seen Cardiac Man... But I am in a quandary regarding Chubby Biker.

Chubby Biker, most notable for her persistence and reliability... Wind, snow, rain, heat of day--nothing has deterred her. And yet, I no longer see the plump body, wearing the nondescript parka and the baggy black sweat pants, toiling up the hill. I've watched for her. I've wondered if our schedules have failed to coincide... I trust that she's out there. And yet, I have not seen her...

Today was different, I saw her... It took a second look to verify, but I'm sure it was her. She was cresting the hill, a broad smile on her face, the parka and sweats were gone, and she was... not so chubby! I'm not sure that I'm ready to promote her to Hot Bike Chick, but if she keeps it up, she'll get there before the end of summer! Keep it up Chubby Biker--I see a promotion in your very near future!


honeypiehorse said...

Hooray chubby biker!

Olivia said...

I saw her too! And she's definitely not so chubby any more. I'm so impressed and thinking I better get a bike of my own. Then you can call me chubby biker.

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