Thursday, June 4, 2009

So, this is summer?

I know I've discussed my seasonal confusion before, but apparently I'm still suffering from it. Is this summer? Or is this spring? Do we decide based upon calendar, temperature, length of daylight? I'm leaning toward it being spring... But I don't base that on anything logical. So, I guess I'm open to suggestions about appropriate terminology.

My kids are equally confused. JJ is still insisting on wearing long sleeves for fear of getting cold (with shorts, of course). I can't convince him that it's unlikely given the 88* forecast. Of course, the snow forecast for the mountains this weekend doesn't really promote confidence in the warming weather, does it?

But Max is a little more confident of sunshine and cloudless days. He started things off with a splash when he fell in the lake yesterday. (Don't worry grandma! The Mister rescued him promptly and was wearing a life vest!). He was dumped out of the tube... He can't wait to have another go at it!

Zeke just asked me (for the umpteenth time) if he has school tomorrow. I responded (for the umpteenth time) that he won't go back to school until after the summer vacation... A vacation that will include swim lessons, tumbling, music lessons, trips to the cabin, picnics, afternoons at the park, and the inevitable trip to the ER for stitches (best case) and/or x-rays and plaster (worst case)... As a side note--remind me why this is called summer vacation... It doesn't sound exactly vacation-y to me...

Anyway! Regardless of whether this is spring or summer, it's starting out well. The weather really is beautiful. The flowers along the roadside are cheerful and friendly. The crickets were chirping up a chorus last night... And, maybe best of all, we picked up the Volvo yesterday, and today I enjoyed cruising with the sunroof open. It is in much improved condition, aside from a misaligned headlamp which still needs readjusting.

We've been giving the grill a workout, and I bought marshmallows yesterday. I can almost taste the S'mores! Spring--Summer--doesn't matter. I'm loving it!


honeypiehorse said...

Wow I can't believe all the stuff you have planned. You're really on the move!

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