Saturday, May 30, 2009

Afternoon at the Movies

It seems like there is nothing more relaxing than an afternoon at the movies. With the temperature climbing, I thought a family movie day was in order. You'd think that would be easy... Trust me, it's not! First, consider the age spread of our flock. At the high end, we have the Senior Citizens (No! Not me!!! grandma and grandpa! sheesh...), at the low end we have the kindergarten-graduated Little Buddies. Between, we have the teen, the tween, The Mister, and myself... Now try finding a movie that everyone is willing to see!

Enter, the second dilemma... We settled on a movie--UP--but, lucky us, it comes is two versions, 3D and 2D...

For those of you who haven't met JJ, let's just say he has issues. And 3D cinema comprises a major portion of his entertainment issues... He hates 3D. And no, hate is not too strong a word... Of course, everyone else (I thought) was excited to see the 3D version of the movie. After all, how many 3D movies are released each year--it's a fun change of pace, right?

Grandma and I decided to accompany JJ to the 2D version, leaving the rest of the clan to attend the 3D showing. Thank heaven I confirmed with everyone before purchasing my tickets in advance!

As it turns out, The Boy didn't want to wear the goofy glasses, and Zeke wants to sit next to JJ. So that leaves The Mister, grandpa, HRH, and Max in the 3D showing.

Of course, there are still issues because HRH doesn't want to be the only girl in her group, but she doesn't want to sacrifice the 3D experience. And just as a side note, Max (while insistent that he must attend the 3D version) has problems with his vision. Technically, we are paying more for his 3D ticket (3D showings cost $2/person more) so he can attend the 3D showing, but he physically cannot see 3D. He has no depth perception, so the 3D technology is lost on him... Geez!

After much discussion about which theater, what time, and who will sit by whom, we made it to the movie(s). The kids claimed to love it. Grandma said it was cute. I'm going to tell everyone how much I loved it, and how cute it was too... But don't tell my kids... I actually fell asleep! I'm sure glad mine wasn't one of those expensive 3D tickets!!!


Gracey said...

Wow, making sure that everyone is happy really sounds like a hard job in such a large family! I am glad you made it, though. Before I worked night shifts at the hospital, as part of my training, I didn't think that sleeping at the movies was ever possible. Yeah, right...

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