Monday, May 11, 2009

We're in Greece!

We got to Greece after about 18 hours of travel. We were exhausted, but happy to be here. We laughed when we got on the flight from Salt Lake City to Paris--our seats were so big! I stretched my legs out as far as they would reach, and I still couldn't touch the seat in front of mine! I actually kept hoping the gentleman in front would recline his seat so I could reach my stuff that was in the seat pocket.

Greece is just like I pictured it. As we flew in, the islands were surrounded by gorgeous, blue water. The island is green and the towns and buildings looked like popcorn along the coast--so much light stucco... The streets are narrow and I am afraid we'll get lost and not make it back to the hotel--especially since we can't read any of the street signs!

We watched the changing of the guard on Constitution Square. The best part about it was the interesting, traditional garb. And I can't believe that those poor guards have to stand so still (looking straight into the setting, western sun) for an hour at a time. They didn't twitch, flinch, look around... They were completely immobile. They had sweat just pouring off their faces. Impressive, and for me, a completely undesirable job...

We're going to a formal gala tonight, I am interested to see what the food will be like--isn't it always about the food when you're on vacation? Last night we had fish and mousaka. This afternoon it was omelet and fried zucchini. My only complaint is that they have neither Diet Coke nor Diet Pepsi... I. Need. Caffeine!

We're having a great time--hope everyone is well at home!


honeypiehorse said...

Sounds heavenly, have fun!

TravelByTurtle said...

Glad you made it! Was looking for 'torsos' to see if I could find the statue that impressed me way back when. Several are in the museum (one was that of a teenager, and that wasn't it), but I seemed to recall it being outside any building. Maybe it was of no import compared to the real bits there.... Closet thing I saw was the Posideon statue, but 'mine' had nothing except the torso.
Enough about me, get back to dining and shopping!

Olivia said...

So fun to hear about your trip so far. I loved your descriptions. Keep the updates coming! But I miss you. Nobody texts or calls me.

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