Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I'm Officially a Tourist...

Last night we attended the formal gala at a fabulously amazing restaurant--don't ask the name, I have no idea... We were greeted by Greek Goddesses who were wearing togas and carrying olive branches. The food was very good, but the really impressive feature was the Acropolis. It was lit from all sides and provided a spectacular backdrop for a memorable evening.

Unfortunately, we didn't know where we would be dining, so nobody brought their cameras. Fortunately, we also had a very nice view from the rooftop restaurant of our hotel. I shot this at about midnight from the hotel.

We took the BIG Athens tour today. We toured the Acropolis, and spent hours walking and taking photos. I have photos of things I know nothing about and with titles I will never be able to pronounce. But it was really interesting and very educational. We did see Zeus' Temple, where our friends got in trouble with security! (Only a little trouble--a misunderstanding really...) Twice. But just for the record--we did NOT tip over this broken column! It was on it's side when we got there!!!

We shopped in Plaka today. If you want to buy something, that is definitely the place. We saw a little of everything there. Lunch today was at a restaurant called Hermione, two nights ago we ate nearby at a place called Daphne's. The food is interesting, but good.

This afternoon we left Hotel Grande Bretegne and took a bus to Grand Resort Lagonissi. We are now staying in bungalows, right on the water's edge. The water of the Aegean is cool, but beautiful. Tomorrow will be another adventure!


Olivia said...

You both look cute as tourists. But I don't believe you about the pillar. You are trouble makers.

Kacy & Adam said...

Wow Bonnie! It sounds amazing! I am sure it is a feast for the eyes, and mind, and camera, and.... :)hope you keep having an amzing trip :)

honeypiehorse said...

That is so awesome. I'm glad you're having fun. I'm jealous, I really love Greece.

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