Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Proud Momma

I'm gonna brag just a little bit (ok, maybe a lot!). If you don't like that kind of stuff--feel free to move along.

You've been warned... Here goes...

The Boy started his senior year of high school in a precarious situation. He had not passed many classes, due to lack of effort, not lack of ability. He claimed to be bored, and never seemed to stay focused long enough to get his assignments finished and handed in. The past few years have been a frustrating struggle. But at the end of last year, he decided to make a run at graduation. I really didn't think he'd make it, but today I got a text message from him that said,

Cap and gown in hand.

Last summer, and for the whole of this school year, The Boy has worked like a madman. He attended school, working hard to keep his grades up. And after school, he worked with a private tutor to get some independent study courses done. I think his tutor must be part slave driver, and part magician. When she said she could help him to graduate with his class, I thought she might even be a little delusional... But no, she's just amazing!

The Boy worked under the supervision of his tutor-extraordinaire, and took his last exam today. He had it done by about 9am, which is cutting it a little close given that his grades all needed to be turned in by noon to qualify him for graduation... But he did it! YAY! My boy is graduating!

I know that his Senior Year wasn't all he hoped it would be. There were not many afternoons left free for friends. Nearly all his time was taken up with course work, reading, commuting to the tutor, going to BYU for testing, and listening to us tell him how important this is... And I couldn't be prouder of him for all his hard work. It has really paid off. And someday, I hope he realizes what a great accomplishment this is. He has achieved what I thought was going to be impossible. And he's done it well. Congratulations! You did it! I'm so proud of you!


honeypiehorse said...

Very impressive congratulations!

Gracey said...

Congratulations! You have every right to be proud!

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