Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunday in the Jewish Ghetto

Our day started with the sounds of a lively neighborhood. The couple downstairs entertained us with their version of a Italian tune, sung at the top of their lungs. The woman across the balcony sneezed, very loudly, and repeatedly for over an hour. The guys who had the party last night with all the laughing and storytelling were sleeping late... It's a fun place to be, but don't expect any privacy!

We decided to be locals today and take public transportation. We walked all over town to get to the bus stop we needed to take the bus to Via Appia Antica. On the way home, we discovered a bus stop just down the street from our apartment. At one stop, we waited for 30 minutes before a bus arrived, just to tell us we were at the wrong stop!

At Via Appia Antica we toured the Catacombs. Specifically, we toured Catacombe di San Callisto. It was a little claustrophobia inducing... But kinda cool! The park-like setting above the catacombs is the perfect place for a Sunday afternoon picnic--but we opted for gelato, instead!

On the way home, we stopped at Musei Capitolini. We looked at statues and paintings until I thought I would faint from the heat and exhaustion.

This evening, we ate dinner here, in the Ghetto. We had the traditional meal of carciofi alla guidia and filetti di baccala--otherwise known as deep fried artichoke, and battered salt-cod fillets. It was delicious--especially when topped off with another gelato!

We got gelato at a new place we found, just a few blocks north of the Pantheon. There were too many choices! And it was interesting to note that while the place was packed, there were no children in sight! These clamoring clients were all adults!

To purchase one of these coveted gelato treats, you pay for the gelato first. After paying, you wait in line, hoping that the server will pick your ticket next. And look at the final result! Well worth the wait!


Olivia said...

Looks fun and like a great adventure. You made me hungry for gelato. Guess I will have to run to Harmon's! I love seeing a little of the ghetto and of Rome through your pictures. It's an amazing place. Makes me want to go back.

TravelByTurtle said...

the travelogue is all charming and nice, but what about the shoes??? What is happening pewter???

honeypiehorse said...

Look at those big American smiles!

heartsfullofjoy said...

mmm-mmm! gelato!

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