Tuesday, May 19, 2009

No photo... But lots of memories.

Today is our last day in Rome and we have no photos to share. The camera is broken and I am saddened that I missed several photo ops today.

We will grab a taxi at 4am tomorrow to go to the airport. But tonight we will celebrate for the last time with dinner under an umbrella at Piazza Navona. We love sitting in front of the fountain and listening to the singing and watching the street performers.

We strolled through Trastevere this afternoon and enjoyed a lemon ice while lounging near Ponte Fabricio (the oldest bridge across the Tiber). We love all the little shops and the friendly shopkeepers. I'll miss our ambling walks around town. I don't think I've ever walked so much in my life! But I've enjoyed every step!

See you soon! Hugs and Kisses!!!


Debbie said...

I'm so sorry your camera broke but I sounds like you are bringing back plenty of memories anyway.

Olivia said...

Can't wait 'til you get back. We'll have to keep up the walking only do it in the hills around here! So sorry to hear about the camera. I hope it can be fixed! Mine is a little worse for wear too, so maybe we should take them to the camera doc together.

Safe travels home! I've missed you!

honeypiehorse said...

Bummer about the camera, have a safe flight home.

Anonymous said...

So sorry about your camera...that would probably have me shedding tears, in fact just thinking about it happening to you makes me feel a little teary. But glad you had such a fabulous vacation!

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