Friday, May 29, 2009

"Fresh" is a relative term.

While staying in Rome, we found a mercato where we could buy just about anything. Although we didn't buy much, it was interesting to poke around a little bit. It was fun to see Coke Light, Nestle' Cereal, individual serving sized Nutella... Definitely things you don't see in our local grocery stores.

I know that different cultures have different ways of doing things. But there are a few things (in my opinion) that just defy good sense. Case in point: We stumbled onto the fresh section of the store. Fresh produce, some of it familiar, some of it not so much. Cold milk. The butcher's counter. And we then we noticed this:

Here, let me give you a better look...

Yep. Those are eggs. Fresh eggs. Six of 'em. And are they in a cooler? No, no they are not. They were sitting on a warm shelf in the back of the store. And more disturbing, the sell by date was three weeks out. Eeeew! Does that kinda make you feel oookie, too?


TravelByTurtle said...

I applaud your openness to different ways of doing things! The eggs shouldn't be a problem at room temp, however, I think gelato would be.

honeypiehorse said...

Ralf is always telling me eggs don't need to be refrigerated.

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