Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lots of excitement! Some of it good...

Isn't it always the case... Before we left, I told my mom she shouldn't have any ER-requiring incidents. With Max's disastrous dissolving stitches, we've met our quarterly quota for medical attention. But I was wrong...

First I got a text that said,

Mom, I think I might have broken some ribs. What should I do?

While that was bad, I figured that it was something that could be managed. And I was right. A few x-rays later, and we have discovered severely bruised ribs, but nothing broken.

Late last night the newest message was,
The kids are fine. The deer is dead. And the Volvo is resting in the garage.

I'm sure glad to know that we're not the only ones having an exciting time!

On a lighter note, I hope everyone will be happy to hear that we're doing well. Greece is still fun, although we've reconsidered bestowing Best Smelling upon the whole of Greece. After a little more time seeing other parts of the country, we've decided that maybe only Athens deserves the title.

We went on a yacht to Aegina Island today. Onboard ship, we watched some Greek dancing, and then we were encouraged (forcefully) to join them. Have you ever tried dancing on a yacht? Let's just say that it wasn't only the drinking crew that was having issues! I wouldn't go so far as to say it was fun, exactly, but it did provide moments of comic relief!

We rode scooters around the island on a photo scavenger hunt. It was fun, and we got to see quite a bit of the island. We even saw some wildlife--although our friends weren't so excited that their food could very recently have been classified as wildlife! We were served fish for lunch--head (including eyeballs) still firmly attached... And the open air fish market could have been a big factor in Greece losing it's Best Smelling title. All I can say is eeew. And have you smelled octopus that is sitting out on an 80* afternoon? yikes!

We did visit the temple of Aphaia. It was in a beautiful setting, surrounded by the Aegean Sea. The blue waters and green hillsides contrasted impressively against the pale columns. These ancient buildings are truly an incredible sight.

But in case you think this is strictly an educational excursion--please be assured... We are finding a little time to relax!

And to The Boy--don't worry too much about the Volvo. We've already found your replacement... How do you feel about swapping for another European car? I found something cute and it's made by little car company called Lamborghini... What do you think of it?

Yeah. I thought you'd like it!


honeypiehorse said...

Wow, where do all these broken ribs and stitches and dead deer come from? Is it a boy thing?

Bebe said...

Yep--it must be a boy thing. Although The Princess has her fair share of medically necessary phone calls as well. I guess it's really just a kid thing...

Debbie said...

Oh my. That is some excitement.
The photos are great.

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