Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Fall or Winter?

It snowed on my pumpkin.

I think that's a little like "it rained on my parade."

Do you remember that post (just 2 days ago) when I hoped that we would get some time to enjoy Fall? I wanted to enjoy the cozy fireplace and bake yummy treats. Do you remember that??? I wanted to listen to the wind as it swept the leaves away... I wanted to enjoy the shapes of the gnarled and balding tree branches... I hadn't had time to do any of those things yet because it was still 70* outside.

It snowed today. Technically it wasn't the first snow, but the first snow blew in on the day we left on our cruise, so we didn't actually experience it. Anyway, does that mean that I missed Fall? Is it Winter now??? If the snow all melts and goes away, does that mean it's Fall again? Or does it irrevocably become Winter at first snowfall? And if so, has it been Winter since the first snow? Was I living in denial already??? hmmm.

I guess we could always throw the calendar into this little discussion. But I think it is certainly Winter, with or without a calendar, once there is substantial snow on the ground--no matter what month it is! Really, could you say "Happy Autumn" while toting the snow shovel out to the driveway again for the second workout of the day??? Ok, I do realize that nobody says that, but you get the idea!

Well, I guess it's fortunate that I like Winter, too. But if it really is Winter, I am so sorry I missed Fall. I'm not sure I want to jump from short sleeved shirts to parkas. Oh, for just a little sweater weather. I guess there's always next year.


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