Thursday, November 13, 2008

Qwest is Dumb

I got a call from a collection company yesterday. What? A collection company??? What bill have I not paid???

I was informed that I had an outstanding balance for October on my Qwest wireless service. Hmmm, interesting, especially since I've never had Qwest wireless service. And by the way, why on earth am I being sent to collections on a bill that is less than a month old??? (No response)

Oh, I guess it's not your wireless bill, it's for long distance. Hmmm, I canceled my Quest home service (including long distance--obviously) a few months ago. And since I paid my final balance then, how can I have a balance? The collector went on to reiterate that I must not have paid my final bill. Well, I can assure you that I pay every bill that is delivered to my mailbox...

I told the collector that I would be contacting Qwest directly.

The Qwest Rep informed me that yes, indeed, I did owe a balance for my October long distance. They explained that I had paid the final bill for my Qwest services, but long distance is a third party vendor. He said that third party charges sometimes don't get billed as promptly as regular charges. While I had indeed paid my final Qwest bill, these charges had come in since that payment was applied to my account.

OK, so then I asked why I had not received an updated *final* bill. Why had I been sent to collections instead of being sent a new bill. And on a bill dated October? Really, it's only the first part of November! I was then informed that because I had paid my final bill, my account had been closed. Because my account was closed, they couldn't bill me. What??? They have my contact information, including my address--they looked it up just now by my phone number! They couldn't put a dollar amount on a piece of paper, put it in a stamped envelope and mail it to me? They had to send it to collections instead??? Yes, I was told. That is the process. Seriously Qwest! Give me a break!!!


tonyajez said...

Hope you didn't pay it! I'm with you...crazy!

Motherboard said...

Dear Qwest,
You blow, and we really hate you.

The end.

ps. you have been added to the this and that category on the Mormon Mommy Blogs. Thanks

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