Sunday, November 30, 2008

Family Home Evening

The Eldest has volunteered to provide the FHE lesson for tomorrow... Should that worry me? This is the same child who regularly feigns sleep just to get out of answering lesson questions. Hmm, I'll have to get to the bottom of this. I wonder if the answer is as simple as him wanting to watch a movie instead of having family interaction. I foresee an evening of Veggie Tales.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not morally opposed to Veggie Tales, in fact, I think the theme song is rather catchy! But I was hoping for something a little more personal for our first December FHE. This month is obviously a great time to focus our family time around the Savior.

If anyone has a great idea for December Family Home Evenings that focus on the Savior and the True Spirit of Christmas, please share!


Nouveau Me said...

We've got the Veggie Tales double-movie Christmas dvd your child could borrow...


I can't believe it's Christmas!
I think I'm finally gettin' something
Can't believe it's Christmas,
My favorite time of year!

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