Monday, December 1, 2008

Say What?

The Buddies have their own language. I had heard that happens with multiples, and it's true. One mispronounces a word and then the other two pick it up as if it's correct. Now all three are convinced that it's the rest of us who can't speak correctly.


Under de Rest - what police do to bad guys.
B-seen - seen before, e.g. I b-seen that movie.
B-tending - making believe, pretending.
Ordamints - things to hang on Christmas trees.
Camel Ope - cantaloupe melon
Batatoes - potatoes and/or tomatoes, both are apparently yucky.
Silly Beans - soy beans, edamame.
Bizzert - anything sweet that is served after dinner.
Ripped Cream - a fluffy topping for bizzert.
Roop Deer - a beverage used for making ice cream floats.

I asked the boys if they can say "root beer," and then I said I was having root beer, did they want any? JJ says,

Mom, you can have root beer if you want, but we all want roop deer!

Interesting name changes:

Matt-You - the name of a boy in school.
Mike Handsome - AKA Mike Hansen (and yes, he is handsome).
Pretty Lady - Karen, who didn't want to be called Mrs. or Sister...
Peter - AKA Wendy, Zeke can't remember which character from Peter Pan she's named after!

And one of my personal favorite songs:

"Jesus wants me for a sun BEAN!" also sung, "Jesus wants me for a sun BEEP!"

Aren't kids the best?


Nouveau Me said...

ha, it's clear that YOUR kids are the best.

/* missing my kids younger days, of phonetically scrambled small talk.

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