Friday, December 26, 2008

The Not-So-Rip-Off Christmas

Much to the utter amazement of my children, yesterday turned out to be an exceptional Christmas. As you may recall, this was the year that HRH labeled the Rip-Off Christmas. She and The Boy had decided that they were going to be stiffed in the gift department. Boy were they wrong!

We decided not to go overboard this year in the gift department (and we didn't!), but somehow everyone got what they really wanted anyway. The Little Buddies got the games and Legos that they were dreaming about, The Boy got his goth-looking guitar, and HRH got the beloved new phone for texting her entourage. Among those most requested items sat an additional family gift. The Wii.

Let's just way that we enjoyed a lot of family togetherness around the Wii yesterday! And I dare say that the fun will continue! We laughed hysterically when HRH got pelted in the forehead with soccer cleats and panda bears. We snickered and guffawed when The Boy tried the latest yoga poses. And there might have been a little trash talk during the tennis and baseball games. And for someone who wasn't initially interested in the Wii, let's just say that The Boy was up well past midnight last night playing against himself...

Despite all the fun toys and games, the best part of the day was just being together. If for no other reason, I love Christmas for the togetherness that we enjoy on that holiday. I love you guys!


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