Sunday, December 28, 2008

Snowed In and Loving It

Have I ever mentioned that we get a lot of snow at our house? Well, in case I haven't mentioned it... We Get a Lot of Snow at Our House! We get falling snow, blowing snow, swirling snow, horizontal snow, drifting snow, piling snow, blinding snow, lots and lots of snow.

We had an awesome storm blow in over Christmas night--and when I say it blew in, I mean it! Our street was drifted over to the point of no escape. We had to turn down invitations all day long because we were snowed in by the huge drifts. At one point, The Boy's girlfriend tried to come over just to prove that we weren't as stuck as we thought we were... She didn't ever make it... The Boy had to hike out to meet her...

Anyway--we really were stuck in our house until about 4pm. Even the snowplow driver who was hired to clear our street shook his head when he arrived. He called the heavy equipment guys and turned the job over to them.

So here they are--our new snow removal crew. THANKS GUYS! And according to the weatherman, I guess we'll plan to see you back here next week!


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