Saturday, December 6, 2008

Now I Remember...

Ever had one of those days?

The Mister is one for tinkering around the house. Not necessarily a problem--unless he's messing with the cable. Let's be clear--the cable is the life line of this house. Without our cable connection we can't surf the web (obviously a problem), place a phone call (love the $10/ month, but VOIP still has issues), watch TV (duh, and there are Saturday morning toons on today!), upload photos (aren't you just dying to see my Christmas tree?), or in other ways entertain ourselves. It's scary to imagine that we might actually have to resort to actual conversations with one another today. (That could be interesting!) Needless to say, The Mister thought today would be the perfect opportunity to rewire a few things and get the TV in the loft working. Can you guess what happened?

If you guessed that the modem would go out and need to be replaced, the block would be defective, the signal would be too depleted, and we would be left with no internet, no phone, and only snowy TV stations to watch, then you get the prize! Because that is exactly what happened. If you continued on to guess that we would need to call Comcast and they wouldn't be able to get here for a day or two to fix it, you'd win the bonus prize! And Now I Remember why I hate it when he tinkers with the cable!

So, in lieu of an afternoon of finishing my holiday shopping online (in a quiet and peaceful manner), I was relegated to joining the masses at the mall. OK, so we'll go to the mall--big deal, right? Only I don't like the masses at the mall. I don't like getting out of my sweats and into real clothes to go to the mall. I don't like standing in line to pay for anything at the mall. I don't like cranky employees nor do I like cranky shoppers at the mall. Now I Remember, I don't like the mall!!!

I made it back home (and obviously I survived--but how?) and I'm taking great efforts to apprise you of our family's cable related misfortune. I am posting from a laptop, which has a severe inferiority complex in relation to my most favored Mac. I'm plugged into The Mister's "work" wireless modem, and I am unable to provide you with joy in the form of Christmas tree photos. And Now I Remember, I am never going to let The Mister tinker with the cable again.

Let's just hope he Remembers that!


Olivia said...

I, for one, was glad you were forced toward the mall because that meant I got to go and shop vicariously through you and your rad teenager. Because I haven't set foot in a mall in many months, it was like a surreal tourist experience for me, albeit a little depressing and overly American. Who knew they could cram that many people in there?

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