Thursday, December 11, 2008

Trees of Glass and Other Stuff

You just never know where some things will lead... A couple of years ago we gave my dad "lessons" at a glass studio for Christmas. He loves to stay busy and we thought this would be a great outlet for some of his hands-on tendencies. He'd mentioned a long time ago that he thought glass work would be interesting, so when the opportunity came along, we signed him up!

Now, two years later, my dad just brought me the most beautiful piece of glass art. He designed the artwork and then created this amazing nativity scene. My dad has also been working on the stained glass for the new LDS Draper temple. He's worked on glass for some of the other temples as well.

Last week my mom and I attended the Festival of Trees in SLC and made sure we stopped by to see the glass Christmas tree submitted by the studio where my dad volunteers. He didn't work on the tree, but he helped put together some of the glass packages that are under the tree. While it's not exactly my style, it's really an amazing piece of art. I heard it sold for $25,000 which will go to Primary Children's Hospital

Making of a Glass Christmas Tree from Richard Holdman on Vimeo.


Kacy & Adam said...

holy cow!!! That is totally mesmerizing!!! Awesome talent...

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