Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Define "Good Mom"

I think I'm a good mom. Not Supermom, mind you, but a relatively good mom. I cook, I clean, I do laundry (if not windows) and I usually remember to meet the school bus at the corner... usually...

I was at a meeting tonight and I got to thinking about being the mom of active triplet boys, a busy tween, and an angst-wrought teen. I could probably be a better mom if I was in a position to specialize, you know, super-cool teenager's mom, way-fun-and-crafty tweener's mom, or build-a-snowman-in-the-yard triplets' mom... But the truth is, I'm your basic, all-purpose, everyday (just a little bit crazy) mom. Is that good enough?

I once purported to be an "awesome" mom. I did something outlandishly cool (it could happen!) and then encouraged my son to answer his phone for a week by saying,

Hello, this is Mike, my mom is awesome!

OK--so maybe that's not the best way to become Awesome Mom... oh well...

My daughter loves to have sleep-overs. I, however, abhor them to an impressively extreme degree. If you knew how I really felt about them, you'd be amazed at amount of emotion that I can put into something as simple as a bunch of slipper-wearing, pillow-toting girls. If I were Way-Fun-and-Crafty Mom, I'm sure I wouldn't feel the stress and weighty responsibility of these events.

As for my short-comings in regard to the triplets, where do I start? I often get invited to join playgroups and mommy-and-me groups, but I am always reluctant to attend. First of all, have you met The Buddies? You must realize there are three of them, right? Why would anyone want to expose themselves to our particular brand of chaos? And really, keeping track of three at the park, the zoo, the swimming pool--it's not exactly a picnic, folks! I don't want to join a playgroup, I live in a playgroup!

So there it is. Maybe I'm fooling myself with this good mom business, maybe I'm really Slacker Mom. Pin a giant "S" on my chest and I'll get myself a cape.


Bonnie the Boss said...

It is so nice to meet you, and I love new people. I think we all need a big "S" just for the fact that we are doing our best, even if we aren't perfect!!! Triplets, wow! I admire you, just or making it through the pregnancy, let alone daily "play group".

DeLaina said...

Dearest Bonnie-the fact that you are still in one cute skinny piece after birthing the Buddies absolves you of all Super Mom responsibilities! You ARE an awesome mom!

We have a family rule about sleep overs. We don't do them. When the girls get invited to sleep overs, they stay until 10:30 or 11:00 and then we pick them up. So far so good:-)

Bebe said...

We had the no sleep over rule, too. But then HRH had dance classes that ended as late as 10pm with classes again really early the next morning... that was the end of our rule. I hated driving home from the studio at 11pm just to turn around and go back at 7am. ugh!

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