Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I've Got It! But Can I Get It?

I finally solved the question of what the big thing is this year. The bigger question is where can I get it? The Mister and I don't plan to go overboard this year, but there is something special that we would like to get for the family. Of course I can't spell it out because that would ruin the surprise! Sorry kids! No spoilers here!!!

We decided to have a smaller Christmas this year. Fewer things, more experiences and togetherness. The kids are referring to it as our Rip-Off Christmas, but I hope they will change their minds. We are going to several concerts, shows and productions. I'm excited about all the upcoming opportunities, I just hope we haven't gone overboard on the togetherness! It wouldn't be very helpful (for the family morale) if we hit January and are no longer loving one another! I suppose we had better schedule some down time, too.

Anyway--I'm waiting for a snowstorm to get me in the mood to decorate--is that a bad idea? Weather Man??? The tree is up, but aside from the lights, it's pretty bare. I guess I'll just have to keep wishing for fluffy snowflakes and steamy mugs of hot chocolate!


Nouveau Me said...

I love your ideas for Christmas--great memories, going to the shows, paring Christmas down to a few things and one great gift.

I have one for us in mind, but I'm having trouble finding it too. I don't dare say it--what if it were the same as yours?!!

Your kids calling it the "Bummer Christmas" is totally cracking me up.

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