Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas Around the World

My mom (who happens to be awesome, just ask anybody) kindly bought tickets for the two of us and The Eldest and HRH to attend BYUs Christmas Around the World. Now, I am not a fan of that school which dominates Happy Valley, but we went to the show and enjoyed it anyway. The show itself was really good. I especially liked the Irish dancers, and the US Western Swing number. But the best part, in my opinion, was the BYU Male Choir. Those singing boys were awesome!

However, I was very distracted by the "helpful" Marriott Center Staff. Not two numbers into the show, some small child (who shouldn't have been there anyway) puked... On the floor... On the seats... On her parents... It smelled lovely--trust me! Anyway, it was bad enough that the mom and child had to escape from the center of the row, stumbling across the feet of everyone. They were followed seconds later by the dad and the crying baby (baby missed mom, obviously). In and out they went, at least a couple of times--and then it really got distracting.

First, helpful girl #1 arrived with her flashlight to survey the mess. She returned moments later with helpful guy #1 who helpfully sprinkled sawdust (or something) over the mess to soak it up. Yay--they're gone--now nobody is standing in front of me during the show (that my mom paid good money for us to see)... But no. Then arrived helpful girl #2 along with helpful guy #2 who swept up the sawdust/puke mess. Helpful girl #2 made me nervous because she acted like the smell was going to cause her to add to the mess! Oi! Again, I thought we were done, but no! Next, reappeared Flashlight Girl along with Mop Boy. Mop Boy may also have been helpful guy #2--there is some debate on that. Anyway, Mop Boy mopped (obviously) and let me say that he mopped standing up--in front of me--and he wasn't transparent... so I couldn't see anything... But yay--smell was gone, helpful people were gone, flashlight was gone, until... Lysol guy arrived purportedly to clean the seats.

This epic janitorial episode took FIVE very helpful people. However, I believe that I (one solitary person) could have cleaned up the mess faster/better/in a less distracting way/even if I had been wearing an elephant costume!

But the show was nice. Really. I thoroughly enjoyed it. HONESTLY!!! And really, the best part was spending the evening with mom and the kids. Family togetherness is good and I'm glad we had the opportunity to go to Christmas Around the World together. THANKS MOM!


TravelByTurtle said...

Yes, your Mom is in fact awesome.
I like your new pic, and of course
BYU rocks! Glad you enjoyed your visit to the 'light of the valley'!

Kelly Swallow said...

Hi Bonnie!!!
Your mom is AWESOME!!! I love her!!!

I love reading your Blog - very, very cute, and funny!!!

Love, Kelly

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