Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Best Type of Sunday

Sundays are a lot of work. Every week we get up and do our level best to get to church on time. This isn't an easy task to accomplish with five kids, especially considering that 5/5 would rather stay in bed. And if I'm honest, I have to admit that I would rather stay snuggled in bed, too.

Today was one of those rare Sundays where things were just a little more leisurely. With the daylight savings time change, everyone got that little extra snooze that is needed on the weekend. We got up at a leisurely rate and had a little time to enjoy the morning. I love getting that extra hour!

And this day has just gotten better (in my opinion). There is a fall storm rolling into the valley. It rained all night, sprinkled all morning, and now there is a delightful drizzle. Delightful? Yes! Delightful! There is nothing better than a true fall afternoon. I love the way the colors are all deepened. The bland colors of late summer are now saturated and rich. The earth is no longer dusty brown, but a rich and fertile chocolate. The grass is greener. The twisted limbs of the scrub oak trees are black and more distinctly visible. The view is so much more vibrant and interesting.

Along with the view, which I will appreciate from the cozy warmth of my family room, I hope to have some time to enjoy the company of my family. Days like today are perfect for playing games, snuggling with a book, or watching a movie. At some point, I will probably be prompted to bake a tasty treat to share with my family. I love to share a freshly baked something hot from the oven. Nothing says "Love" like baked goods!

So from my cushy chair by the fireside, with cocoa and a cookie in hand, I wish you a happy fall. And may we have a little time to enjoy it before winter arrives!


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