Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Request for Info - Italy

I'm on a quest. It's a European, Roma-centric, no kids tagging along, just The Mister and me, vacation idea gathering quest.

The Mister and I are going on a trip this Spring to Greece and Italy. The Greece part of the trip will be taken care of by Mister's company. My job is to book the Italy portion of the trip.

I've never been to Italy, so I'm asking for ideas, suggestions, and recommendations. We've decided that we'll be staying in Rome, and we'll have 3-4 days there. I've been looking at hotels in the Historic Central area, but the nice ones are WAY expensive. I've found some really nice looking vacation apartment rentals--any thoughts?

We also know food will be really expensive. Any suggestions on great places where we can eat and keep all our arms and legs so we can walk back to our accommodations at the end of the meal?

How about transportation? We are planning to walk to most of the sites, but can we rent bikes or scooters? How safe would that be?

Any must-see/must-do sites that I might not know about? Any tips or tricks to getting discounts or freebies or just saving time?

I'm sorry about all the questions. I have this obnoxious tendency to over research and analyze every decision I make. But thanks in advance for your suggestions--PLEASE Leave Suggestions!?


honeypiehorse said...

Y'know, this is just me but Rome is my least favorite city in Italy, although if you do insist on staying there you might check out the first part of Eat, Pray, Love first. Our heroine goes there to enjoy life before she gets serious about finding herself. And I admit she loves it. If you are open about the Rome thing, Milan is a great city (albeit expensive and maybe not so easy to get around) and there are other gorgeous places like Cinque Terre that are right on the coast and also have lovely food and walking paths.

John said...

I can't answer all the questions but you should consider staying in a monastery and convent in central Rome as they are quite cheap and good value for money. Have a look at www.monasterystays.com as they have access hundreds of places in Rome and the process seems quite straight forward.
Public transport is good and cheap in Rome but you can walk to a lot of places. You can get special fare tickets but someone whose been recently would be better at answering questions on places to eat

Bebe said...

Thanks HoneyPieHorse and John! I'm going to look into both suggestions.

Michelle said...

Hi-I just came across your blog. My husband and I were in Italy last spring. I agree with the 1st part that Rome is not the greatest place in the country to visit, but there is a lot of history if that's what you want to see. For transportation, buy the Roma Pass. It gets you several days of public transit as well as free entry into a bunch of different sites. If you're not set on Rome for sure we LOVED Venice and Cinque Terre was absolutely beautiful if you like to get out and door outdoor things. Anywhere in Italy you'll have an absolutely incredible time!

Kacy & Adam said...

I am hoppping on that train too...Rome didn't quite do it for us in comparison to other parts. BUT, it was still awesome and a place I will never forget. If you are near Vatican City, there is a little pizza place right outside that have the most amazing, fantastic, addictive potato pizza. Can I just say my mouth waters when I think of it! Cheap, easy, and totally satisfying. The place is called "Arias" just outside of St. Pauls on the right hand side I think. I'll email you more info! Yum! Sounds awesome and you SO deserve it :) Miss you too!

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