Tuesday, February 17, 2009

It's a Love/Hate Thing

The adage goes something like this: The qualities that you initially find endearing in your spouse will eventually become the things that drive you nuts. Similarly, those things about which you complain become the things without which you cannot live.

This post is not about how The Mister drives me crazy (although it could be!). Instead, this post is about how the much lamented Groundhog Days of recent are now a thing of wishful thinking.

Last week (and for seemingly unending weeks prior to that), I was bored by the ongoing sameness and predictable nature of my life. Today, my world was thrown into a tailspin of a technological nature. There is not much which can produce the same amount of havoc as an electronically induced meltdown. And that is exactly what I am enduring today.

Where did The Days of The Predictable iMac go? As is typical, this morning I logged onto my iMac--or rather I tried to log onto my iMac... After much tapping, typing, button holding, ejecting, unplugging, and tech support calling, I was informed that it appeared that my hard drive had gone bad. Hmmm. Then Tech Support Guy helpfully informs me that I am no longer under warranty. Yikes!

Tech Support Guy and I continue to tinker with my once beloved iMac, which is now literally a shell of its former self... Tech Support Guy informs me that I may have lost all data on my hard drive.

Was there anything really important on here?

Hmmm, anything important? Gee--why would there be? It's not like I use it to store all my digital photos, oh, that's right, I do! Drat! And it would be stupid for all my iTunes music and movies to be stored on my iMac without a backup anywhere in sight... Yep, I'm that stupid... And nobody would be dumb enough to keep documents and contacts on their iMac without keeping hard copy, right? Wrong... ARG!

So, today I'm wishing for a Groundhog Day. Something predictable, reliable, and not at risk of costing me great amounts of money and undue stress. Boy, the grass certainly is greener, isn't it?


honeypiehorse said...

great tag: 'unpleasantness'. How annoying for you!

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