Saturday, February 21, 2009

Drug of Choice

Why would a seemingly sane person spend two days making frozen yogurt in the middle of winter? And it's real Winter here, not like the 75* Winter in Raratonga. It's actually cold here--we have feet (yep, plural) of snow on the ground. And yet, for some completely insane reason, I've spent the last two days making frozen treats in my kitchen. What kind of crazy does that make me? I really don't know... You'll have to decide.

Some of you may know that I'm a BIG fan of frozen yogurt. You may not know that in my old neighborhood, I was moderately famous for my ice cream. Truth be told, my old neighbors knew me as the maker of all things ice cream. I spent each summer perfecting my newest recipe. I even created my own recipe for a very delicious coconut ice cream.

However, since my fortuitous trip to New York City, and my infamous introduction to Pink Berry, I've been nursing a serious addiction to frozen yogurt. But not just any fro-yo will do. No, I am an actual fro-yo snob, and I've got a pretty serious addiction to Pink Berry and Red Mango. The truth is, my addiction can sometimes spur me to make late night excursions to get my fix. I've even been known to hop two subways to get to my Pink Berry before closing time. I never thought my love of ice cream would be eclipsed by a new, creamy indulgence, but it has.

So why, you ask, have I never parleyed my ice cream skills into making frozen yogurt? I guess I'd have to say that it simply never occurred to me to make frozen yogurt. Or, maybe I thought it would be too hard. Or, maybe I was worried that it just wouldn't compare with the irresistible yumminess of my two fav fro-yos. But after today, instead of sneaking off to the yogurt shop, I'm going to make my own brand of narcotic. I've discovered that I can make a very good approximation of my beloved fro-yo. In fact, I have created a deliriously delightful frozen treat!

Behold. My marvelous concoction of addicting, creamy deliciousness.

I made my first batch of frozen yogurt yesterday and we polished it off in about 15 minutes. Today's batch included some alterations--also with a very tasty outcome. Honestly, I think the only way to make my new concoction better would be to serve it outside, on the deck, on a hot and sunny afternoon. I guess I could have done that today, but although it was sunny, it certainly wasn't Summer (or even Spring) weather.

So, I guess I'll be saving my gas money and feeding my addiction right here at home. No more driving through seedy neighborhoods looking to score. No more sneaking a few extra spoonfuls to get me by. No more sobbing requests for someone to provide me with my next hit.

Goodbye Red Mango--I'll miss your cheerful decor. But Pink Berry--unless I can figure out a way to make frozen yogurt in my hotel room--I'll be seeing you this Summer!


honeypiehorse said...

Yum! That sounds wonderful and full of summer vitamins.

Nikki said...

Will you be sharing your recipe?? I'm drooling here!

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