Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I've been Tagged

I've been tagged by Laura. Thanks Laura--this is the first time I've been tagged!

10 Things I Know

1. My life resembles the The Truman Show. I know it's real, but I still feel like I play the part of someone much older (and more plump) than I actually am.

2. A good bag makes the outfit. But the outfit should never include sweat pants and sneakers (unless you're at home, sick in bed--in which case why are you carrying a bag and wearing sneakers?).

3. Shopping in stores should be limited to grocery shopping. Online shopping is the greatest advancement in
my civilization.

4. My three little boys are more than a set of triplets. They are all interesting and unique individuals. I hate it when people refer to my little boys as "The Bean Triplets" or "One of Those Bean Boys." They each have a name.

5. You should never read the jacket cover of a book. Just open the book and read it from page one to the end. Never disrupt the flow of the story by peeking at the ending!

6. Blogging is addictive. Don't start blogging unless you're committed to sticking with it for a while. It just gets better and better!

7. My husband must be a Saint-in-Training to live with me. I love you, Mister!

8. Talent is a God-given gift. But just like a forgotten birthday gift, if you neglect your talent, it will get lost, tossed by the wayside, or lose it's luster. Growing a talent takes time and effort.

9. Friends and Family are both important. The people with whom you surround yourself make you who you are.

10. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is true. I know it for myself. I will respect you even if you don't agree.


TravelByTurtle said...

Re: #3 shopping, you are wrong.(amero-centric) See if you have the same opinion once you have been shopping in Paris or Milan. (note that snacking is included in 'shopping')

Bebe said...

OK, Turtle--I'll accept your position on this until I've had the experience. I'll do Italy in May, but unless Greece can substitute for Paris, I'll have to get back to you on the second part. And BTW snacking should always be part of shopping--have you partaken of the samples at Harmon's while getting fresh produce???

honeypiehorse said...

You can even buy groceries online these days. And 'one of those bean boys' actually sounds kind of nice and respectable and 50s, like you have this fine Bean empire. ANd now jump on a plane with all 5 kids in tow so you can check out the Paris shopping ;-). But a warning from someone who lives in Europe: unless you're built like a Japanese girl (and NOT one raised in the US) you probably won't find much. Even in Germany I run into problems, and I'm a size 8 on a good day.

Bebe said...

Laura--I like your idea of some fine and respectable family... But when someone says, "one of those Bean boys," I actually hear, "one of those damn Bean boys." Maybe it's just me.

As for shopping in Paris, I can't wait to bring three little boys into the high fashion boutiques. Won't the shop girls just want to string me up?!

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