Friday, February 20, 2009

Read the Label!

You'll have to bear with me as I venture into uncharted waters. I don't usually post blog entries about toilet turmoil, potty problems, flushing fantasies, or choked chamber pots. I typically leave the toilet and/or bidet related topics to Dug (he currently displays 30 posts labeled bathrooms). But in light of my new found knowledge, I feel it is my responsibility to warn and inform.

This morning I was feeling particularly grumpy and blurry eyed as I stumbled into the bathroom. I say stumbled because I actually tripped over this package of toilet paper.

I assume you're not overly excited about the package of bathroom tissue sitting on my floor. Believe me, I wasn't too excited to trip over it either! The Mister, in an effort to be helpful, left this package on the bathroom floor so I could refill the dispenser. Typically, I would have done just that. Subsequently, I would have stashed a few extra rolls in the cabinet above the toilet and gone about my day. Under ordinary circumstances, I wouldn't be at all intrigued by a package of toilet tissue. But then this small phrase caught my eye.

Septic Safe? I always knew that label reading was important. I believe MSG is evil. I endeavor to limit my intake of sodium. I avoid trans fats like the plague. I fret about corn syrup and modified corn starch. But it never occurred to me that I should be reading my toilet paper labels!

Can you imagine the horrors that could be created by frequently feeding your fancy flusher with unfit tissues? The tissue issues could be unfathomable! And for all those tissue rolls that are not certified to be septic and/or sewer safe--are you supposed to wipe with them and toss them into the trash? Ew--not to mention ick!

So, the lesson is this: Choose wisely. Read the labels. Some people say you are what you eat. I suggest that you might keep that in mind in regard to your potty. There is nothing so off-putting as a putrid, porcelain potty.


Nikki said...

Wow. I have read a lot of labels in my days, but I don't think toilet paper has been one of them. I'm curious now to know if my precious Quilted Northern Bathroom Tissue is safe. That is something to think about. I have read diaper packaging before. haha

honeypiehorse said...

How very odd - does someone make TP that isn't septic safe? Kind of like seeing a 'non-toxic' label on a can of baby formula.

David said...
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Bebe said...
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