Friday, February 6, 2009

The Mister's Dream

In the spirit of full disclosure, I must warn you that the following post is about nothing of significance. In fact, it's entirely insignificant.

Yet again, I rolled out of bed this morning to see snowflakes falling from the sky. No big surprise, the forecast called for rain. But we usually get snow when the valley gets rain. I'm looking at the snow on the ground and watching the fresh flakes fly when The Mister asks me if I want to go to the Boat Show. The Boat Show? Why would I want to go to the Boat Show???

It's not exactly boating weather. In fact, when I look out my window, I can clearly see ice on the lake. If he had asked if I wanted to go snowboarding, or skiing, or maybe even sledding, I might have entertained the thought. But the Boat Show? And it's not as if we even need a boat. In fact, we have a very nice boat sitting in the garage with a For Sale sign posted on the windshield. See? This is our boat. Isn't she a beauty???

And why, you might ask, are we selling our beautiful boat? We are selling her because The Mister has always dreamed of owning a Mastercraft. And so, a few years ago, we bought the inspiration of his dreams. The Mister fully enjoyed skiing and wakeboarding behind his new found perfection, until he discovered wake surfing. That was the point at which The Mister realized that this Mastercraft was not, in fact, the boat of his dreams... The Mister wanted to surf behind his fantasy watercraft. And (apparently) our X-30 leaves behind it a less than perfect surfing wake--go figure!

To be clear, I've skied, wakeboarded, and even surfed behind our boat. And I rather enjoyed myself during all those activities. The Mister, however, seems to think that the wake could be improved.

The Mister has now identified the Utopian wake surfing vessel. He is now on a quest to surf behind it at all costs. And for the moment, that cost is the sale of our beautiful X-30.

If you know anyone who is looking for a beauty of a boat, (Please!) have them give me a call. She has a tower, hot water shower, heater, stereo with CD and tower speakers, Bimini top, full ballast system, and lots of other stuff about which I know nothing. The best part is that she's an open bow and can seat at least 12 people, which makes for quite a party!

Anyway--if you can help The Mister fulfill his dream by taking our X-30 off our hands, we'd both appreciate it. Now I think I'll go put on my parka, snow boots, and mittens and be off to the Boat Show!


Olivia said...

Don't sell the boat! I love that boat.

honeypiehorse said...

Wow, 'cause with 5 kids you don't have enough to do so it's really nice of your husband to let you help him sell the wrong boat and traipse all over creating hunting down a new boat that you can help him sell next year. ;-)

On the other hand you enjoy product research so sounds like match made in Heaven.

TravelByTurtle said...

Simply because the sell/buy decision does not involve purses, shoes, or jewelry does NOT make it 'nothing of significance'. For Shame, it's only the Mister's DREAM were talking about!!!
(now I understand why you have been smitten and been in bed for a few days. There is such a thing as JUSTICE!)
((and we're still awaiting a post from Himself on your blog....))

Bebe said...

Oh, honestly Turtle! Is that why you didn't bring me flowers and a "get well" card? As for The Mister submitting a post--he can get his own blog!

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