Thursday, February 26, 2009

Life of a Dance Mom

I've been a slacker about blogging this week--but with good reason! At least I'm sure I have a good reason... I'll have to get back to you on that.

Anyway! I'm going to be a slacker for the weekend, too. I'm off with the Princess on yet another dance adventure. We're hopping an early flight tomorrow for a weekend away. She and her team are going to compete a few numbers to qualify them for nationals.

The life of a dance mom sure is a rough life--ordering room service, lounging in my jammies, lunching with the girls, reading, shopping... Oh, I mean, I'll be really busy walking her to the convention center early in the morning, being responsible for delivering healthy meals, making sure she is well supplied with energizing snacks, adequate fluids, and lots of Advil. Yeah, that's what I meant!

So, have a great end-of-February weekend. I'll be back in March!


Olivia said...

I'll miss you! March sounds so far away, but I'm so glad it's really just a few days away. March is spring, right???

Good luck to the Princess! Have fun with room service.

Nikki said...

Sounds so fun! Have a good time and come back soon!

honeypiehorse said...

I'm slacking too because I'm traveling and have a ton of meetings. That's so amazing about your daughter!

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