Monday, March 2, 2009

Dance Sucks

The dance world is a fickle place in which to live.

Some judges may have their impartiality tainted by the interference of others.

If studio policies exist, they should be shared with those they involve. Those policies should apply equally to everyone, without exception.

No dancer should be given preferential treatment. Not because she is a favorite. Not because her mom complained.

Preferential treatment is not to be confused with earned opportunities.

Dancers should earn special opportunities through dedication and hard work. No single dancer should be "given" an opportunity that she did not earn. Especially at the expense of another dancer who actually did earn the opportunity.

All dancers should be encouraged to compete for any scholarship or opportunity for which they are qualified. Dancers should not be asked to step aside and give up an opportunity for another dancer's sake.

Dance directors and studio owners should never do anything to handicap any of their own dancers to benefit someone else, even if that someone else is another one of their own dancers.

Dancers and parents put their faith and trust in studio directors and owners and expect that their dancers will be promoted and encouraged.

Studio directors and owners should never intimidate their dancers into submission.

Studio directors and owners should never do anything to thwart the advancement or opportunities of one of their dancers.

Studio directors and owners should remember that without tuition-paying parents they would be out of business.

And now I'm done.


honeypiehorse said...

Wow, sounds like your daughter got a scholarship and someone asked her not to accept? That sounds like she has a choice, though, so can't she just tell them to stuff it? With 5 kids, all's fair in love, war and scholarships. She must be an amazing dancer.

The Strosser Family said...

I NEED to see this girl in action.. I want to see her perform. I need YOU to invite me to watch her. Good luck you guys!

DeLaina said...

I TOTALLY AGREE!! That bites and I'm sorry for Q.

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