Tuesday, March 17, 2009

So You're Having Triplets

People often ask me what it's like to have triplets. How do you answer a question like that? It's not something that anyone can ever appreciate unless they have experienced it for themselves.

I've been pondering the transformation of our family since the addition of our triplets. More accurately, I've been thinking about the deluge of changes that a set of triplets create for a family. Don't misinterpret my thoughts here, I'm not looking for a new home for any member of my little litter. But for the past six years, some unimaginable changes have occurred... And those changes, minute at first, become significant.

Finding out that you're having triplets is like going shopping at Costco. You pull into the parking lot knowing you want a certain item. You wander the store picking up things you never knew you needed, but which you suddenly can't live without.

You get to the item you were originally looking to purchase. Oh, no! It only comes in a multi-pack. You really only need one of these things. You really only desired one of these things. But now it's get three of these things, or forget it... You buy the multi-pack (of course!). You are, after all at Costco, what did you expect?

Usually this scenario works out ok. You have to store a few extra bars of soap. You make room for additional bottles of shampoo. You stash bonus pairs of black socks. You just hope you get around to eating the jumbo sized container of strawberries before they all go bad... But for the most part, it usually works out--so why should a couple extra babies be so different?

These are the things you think about when you first discover that you're expecting the unexpected. But with the actual arrival of the trio of bundled squirminess, the profound changes begin.

So here's my advice to anyone awaiting the arrival of a set of triplets. Resign yourself to the fact that you will no longer be able to fit your entire family into a two-door sedan. (Needless to say, you probably won't fit into those cute jeans again either.) Last minute vacations with little or no planning--not an option. A quick dash into the grocery store? Forget about it... But shopping at Costco? Even more necessary now. Buy diapers by the case. Formula by the pallet. And Maximum Strength Excedrin by the barrel (for mom and for dad). And those extra bars of soap, pairs of socks, bowls of berries, bottles of shampoo? Trust me--with all these kids, you'll blow through those before you know what happened!

So, you want triplets? Renew your Costco membership now. You're gonna need all those multi-packs! And get some extra sleep, too. Because I can personally guarantee that you won't be getting enough for the next three years (at least). And seriously--gear up now for all the kindergarten homework--it's a killer!

But the most important thing I've learned? Although I'd never wish the struggles on anyone... The outrageous numbers of poopy diapers... The 2am crying stints (both mom's and the babies')... The hospital bills... The grocery bills... The necessity of buying everything in triplicate--car seats, high chairs, cribs, clothes... It's the best thing ever! Seriously. I highly recommend it.


honeypiehorse said...

Wow. Respect. I can't even imagine how many diapers you blow through every day. I mean, I can count that high and everything, but I can't imagine personally using that many diapers in one day. I bet your Christmases will be wonderful.

Gracey said...

Wow, it seems like a handful... but a nice one (if there is such a thing!) I admire you a lot for hanging in there, and making it happen.

Nikki said...

lol- Now that I am only expecting twins and not triplets anymore, I had to chuckle at this post. Glad you didn't post it about a month ago. I might've been overwhelmed and cried. But funny thing is, I did have several people tell me they were jealous and wanted triplets too!

Joe and Julianne said...

Great Post!
Tommy had a cleft lip and so we were up at PCMC. The braces on his arms are to keep him from touching his face. He needs them on for 4 weeks :(

Declutter Your Life said...

I'm sure it's a handful! Tons of respect to those of you who can handle this! I have 2 girls just a year apart and I thought I had my hands full!

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