Thursday, March 19, 2009

Glorious Spring!

Despite my great love affair with winter, I'm actually looking forward to spring this year. Last year I was out of town when spring actually sprung! When I left, my neighborhood was enrobed in drab browns and grays. Upon my return, I was greeted by trees, topped by an ebullient green haze. And slender blades of grass, just poking through the newly thawed ground. It was glorious!

The past few days have been such a welcome reminder of the restorative powers of spring. The sunshine warms as it heals the wounds of winter. The wind blown trees are standing a little straighter. Even the weeds look appealing as they cheerfully spread across the barren ground.

The thick blanket of winter conceals. It softens shapes, soothes harsh angles, hides the spent. And as winter progresses, there is something desirable in that. But with spring, there is truly a magical sense of renewal. Spring always emerges with an unrestrained sense of exuberance. Those soft, rounded shapes of winter are suddenly thrust into the spotlight and pulled into clear focus. I restlessly await the blossoms on the plum and pear trees. I yearn for the upheaval of spring bulbs, bursting from the ground with their cheerful yellows blooms. I long for breezes, full of the fragrance of new growth.

Spring is coming, I can feel it in the air--and I can hardly wait! Welcome Spring!


Olivia said...

Amen!!! I couldn't be happier about the imminent arrival of spring. I loved your thoughts on it.

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