Monday, March 30, 2009

Personal Diet Coke Revelations

I started drinking Diet Coke in Junior High. For a couple of years there, I thought a Diet Coke and a candy bar were the ingredients for the perfect lunch. If I'm honest, I probably still think of Diet Coke and a candy bar as the staples for survival...

I've done the "no caffeine" thing--it nearly killed me when I was pregnant. I tried drinking everything (caffeine free DC wasn't available yet) from root beer to water. Nothing was as appealing... My current goal is to keep my Diet Coke (with caffeine) consumption to one serving per day. By serving, I actually mean 12 oz, not that humongo bottomless big gulp size. I think a daily 12 oz serving is respectable. Don't you?

Anyway. I've recently been doing a lot of traveling. I've been disappointed to discover that more and more locations are choosing to serve Pepsi products. In desperation, I've ordered Diet Pepsi a few times. I always ask for LOTS of lemon and it's been more tolerable than I would have believed it could be.

So, for the past year, it's been Diet Coke here, Diet Pepsi there... And I've discovered something. I'm not as much a die hard as I though I was... It turns out, I do still like Diet Coke better than Diet Pepsi if it's a canned beverage. I don't like either beverage if it's from a plastic bottle. And I like Diet Pepsi better than Diet Coke if it's a fountain drink. Is that weird?

I guess that means we'll have to rethink the old standby invitation of, "Let's go get a Coke." We'll decide if it'll really be a Coke product or a Pepsi product when we see how it's going to be served! And as for the Diet Coke v. Diet Pepsi thing? I can't say that we have a clear winner. I guess we'll have to call it a draw.


Olivia said...

My family has always been a Pepsi family, but mostly for the Mountain Dew. My brothers hate it when there is Coke in my fridge. But I'm not a big soda fan anyway. I'm just trying to make all you die-hard brand-ies happy!

dug said...

"And as for the Diet Coke v. Diet Pepsi thing? I can't say that we have a clear winner. I guess we'll have to call it a draw."

dude. DUDE! don't make me come down there.

Nikki said...

I gave up caffeine right before Christmas. And it was a good thing since I found out I was pregnant just a couple weeks after that. But now that I'm in my second trimester, I have HORRIBLE migraines. And caffeine and Tylenol combined are the only way to kick it. I still refused to get the caffeine until this past week when I was so sick and could hardly breathe. Then I remembered that caffeine actually helped me breathe better.

But I'm a Pepsi girl. I do like Black Cherry Vanilla Coke though. Mostly I love Mt. Dew. And I keep to the 12 oz. limit too. ;)

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