Thursday, March 26, 2009

Is Anybody In There?

I've been exceedingly busy today. In fact, I've been working on a little project that has been ongoing for the past few months. By "ongoing" I mean I've been wishing someone would step in and take care of it for me... But I've decided that it's time to finally get serious and actually do something proactive about it.

Here's some background... I have a moderately sized room in my house. It's a largely uninhabited room. I consider it to be dangerous and largely uncharted terrain. And I have a plan to conquer it.

My children (at times) have found this room to be one of intrigue, brimming with fascinating items. I find it to be not unlike the Bermuda Triangle--things go in, only to never be seen again. I feel that the only safe way to traverse the topography of this room is with the help of a good GPS unit and a locating beacon. I would also recommend the use of quality climbing apparatus, including harnesses, grappling hooks, and tethers. Entrance to this room should only be undertaken after the proper waivers have been signed, releasing me from responsibility for any unforeseen (and unfortunate) events that may occur.

I've been known to get lost in this room for hours. The Mister is good to organize a rescue party to retrieve me from the disarray. The Mister is sensitive to the fact that this room needs to be tamed. He supports my quest for domination and even attempts to assist in the task. The most unfortunate fact about this room is that it has a purpose. It's not some storage room, tucked away under the eaves... No, this dangerous room of lost items and delayed returns is, in fact, my closet...

I decided that today was going to be the day that I conquer the discombobulated mass of my self-created textile labyrinth. And I am pleased to say that I am nearing the summit of my adventure. I have braved the cashmere towers. I have tackled the profusion of shoes. I have scaled the shelves to relocate the seldom-used to points more befitting... And with much sadness, I boxed up the bulky sweaters to make room for the freshly unearthed cottons of spring.

The end is in sight. I have only some minor tidying to do. I've culled the bedraggled, and eliminated the offensive. The highest precipice is within reach. I stand upright. With confidence. In triumph. I've conquered it! I will show my accomplishment with all who care to see. The flag of honor, waving from the pinnacle of the mountain is mine. I've earned it.

Now, where did I put that cute blue purse???


dodo said...

hmmmmm....strange....I did the same thing today. What exactly does this say about us??? Gets stranger by the minute.

Olivia said...

Can't wait to see the results! Does it feel like Christmas with all the "new" things you have found? I always love digging through the boxes and bags I haven't seen in a while because I find all these things I had totally forgotten about.

And wait, I'm unclear why you put all the sweaters away. I have a two-foot drift across my driveway. I think you might somehow be misinformed about the arrival of spring.

honeypiehorse said...

Cashmere towers, huh? I have exactly one cashmere sweater and I keep it in plastic for special occassions because it's too good for me. Congratulations on the progress, by the way.

Bebe said...

Olivia--yes, I still have voluminous amounts of snow. But I didn't say I packed away all the sweaters... Just the bulky ones.

And HPH--I have an obscene fondness for cashmere. Although most comes from Lands End, so I feel justified.

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