Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Hazards of Clean Laundry

I love laundry. I don't love the perpetual piles, always waiting to be washed. And I don't relish the thought of folding all the clean laundry. I'm not even especially fond of putting away stacks (and stacks) of folded laundry. And ironing??? LOL, yeah, ask when I last did that!? So, now you're wondering if I was serious when I said I love laundry. And yes, I was.

Specifically--I love having more than one clean shirt from which to choose. I love stacks of neatly folded t-shirts. I love crisp jeans hung on a hanger. I love warm, fluffy towels after a shower. I love the clean smell of fresh linens on my bed. And the fragrance of clean laundry is the topic of this post.

Occasionally, I will catch a whiff of clean laundry in the neighborhood. As the dryer vent releases warm, damp, and highly perfumed air into the vicinity, it seems to linger enticingly. Once, (only once) I knocked on my neighbor's door and asked my startled neighbor what dryer sheets she was using... I couldn't help myself! As I walked by her house it just smelled so good! I know. I'm weird--but I'm super sensitive to fragrance, and I really appreciate a good one.

Recently, I discovered a new dryer sheet. I love the fragrance, and I have been happily tossing dryer sheets into load after load. Once again, in the midst of my ordinary day, I came upon a distressing label.

Seriously, I don't just wander my house looking for weird labels, but do you remember this? And now look what I've found! Today I was doing laundry and this caught me eye.

Caution: Avoid Overdosing. Are they serious? I'm not sure which label is weirder: septic-safe toilet paper, or cautions against poisoning from smelling too good in your jammies!

So, for those of you who use two dryer sheets per load for those extra fresh smelling pillowcases--watch out! You may end up committed to a treatment center for overdosing. Can you imagine the conversations?

So, you ODed, huh? First time in rehab? What drug are you hooked on?

I'm so embarrassed. *sniff* I'm hooked on Snuggle. I've tried to quit--but I just can't! *sniff*


Olivia said...

So funny! But also distressing. Really? They are putting hazardous stuff in dryer sheets now? What's next? Poison pillow cases or toxic toothbrushes?

Christensen Family said...

That smell is one of my secret pleasures also. What is with the SIGN in your front YARD? I promise I'll stop by at least once a week if you'll take it down!

honeypiehorse said...

I hate to break this to you Bebe but artificial scents often contain neurotoxins. Go Google 'The Story of Stuff', it's very funny but also very scary. Mind you we all grew up with scented soap and we're mostly fine so don't panic but take the warning seriously and maybe go easy on fragrance for your little ones.

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