Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Transplants and Mourning

I'm contemplating organ transplantation. Don't misunderstand me, I'm not thinking about donating anything (at least not in the short term). I'm just wondering if it would be possible to upgrade a few of my own parts. Does anyone have an ethical problem with that?

What got me to thinking about this is the impending demise of my beloved iMac. We took it to the MacDoc yesterday--the prognosis isn't good... He says we may need to do a hard drive transplant. Would that be the equivalent of a brain transplant or a heart transplant? I'm really not sure...

Anyhoo--I will be checking in for an update with MacDocs later today. I will be really sad if poor iMac awakens with a new brain and can't remember anything. Of course, a case of amnesia will give me the chance to reinvent myself. Hopefully he will no longer recall those pictures of me in my swimsuit at the lake. Oh! This could be good. If those photos no longer exist--they never happened, right??? Hurray for Brain Transplants!


Olivia said...

You are so funny. You totaly cracked me up with the thing about losing the lake pictures. First time I've laughed all day. Thanks!

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