Friday, March 27, 2009

What's the Number?

Phones. They are one of modern civilization's most important innovations. Just ask any teenage girl--she'll certainly agree with me! Think of all the ways that this modern form of communication enriches our lives. Remember back when we had to walk both to and from school, uphill, in a snowstorm, in bare feet, in gale force winds? Phones were different then. For one, wireless was an absurd idea. Who would have thought that our daughters would be stepping out on the porch to get out of earshot for calls with the cute boy. Who could have imagined driving down the freeway while making reservations for dinner. How did we function without the ability to check in when running late for curfew?

And that just addresses the advances in actual telephonic advancements.

Now we have Wi-Fi. We can surf for movie times and purchase tickets. We can take photos of our kids and forward them to grandma. And text! I can contact my son, while he's sitting in class, without disrupting anyone (of course, I'd NEVER do that!).

So, here's my complaint. I have this newfangled, high-tech, full qwerty equipped, Wi-Fi enabled, photo-taking, voice-recording piece of technology. And I find myself having difficulty dialing a simple phone number. Isn't that supposed to be the basic function of a phone? To dial phone numbers? Did I miss something? And the sad part is that it's the most simple phone number that throws me. I always remember it. I never have to look it up. I'm sure you dial similar numbers, but how?

The number I continue to struggle with is this: 1.800.COMCAST. I also struggle with numbers like 1.800.Get.Help or 866.BUY.HOME. These numbers are fabulously easy to remember, but oh, so difficult to call. If I were to dial these "word numbers" on my phone, it would look something like this: 180080M8#4T and you'll just have to trust me when I tell you that I most certainly won't be connected with a Comcast Service Rep.

So, if anyone out there is more informed than I. Please share. Is there some secret dialing application to download? Is there a discreet cheat sheet embedded in my phone's memory? Am I just to unintelligent to dial from a cell phone? Please, tell me that isn't the case!

Until I find a way to figure out this dialing dilemma, I guess I'll just have to call from home. But if you have any information to help me, I can be reached at 800.I.AM.DUMB...


Princess Heather said...

I have the same exact problem. I never know how to dial 1 800 COMCAST on my Blackberry. If you find a solution, please let me know.

honeypiehorse said...

Yeah, it's amazing how most phones get harder to use as they offer more features. I struggle with my own phone every day.

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