Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hello Spring--Glad to Meet You.

I'm confused. Does the commencement of spring coincide with a certain date, an awaited event, or a specific temperature? I have to admit, I'm a little perplexed about this whole spring thing. And because of my location, spring's arrival is at best, tentative. So that makes identifying this elusive season even more tricky.

Today was a warm day (relatively speaking--as opposed to the blizzard of two days ago). It felt just a little like spring. It even looked a little like spring. The sun was out, and actually turned on. The warmth flooded my car as it sat at the curb near the soccer field. In fact, although I needed my coat for the soccer game this morning, by afternoon I had to shed it to avoid wilting in the sunshine.

Another clue that it might possibly be spring is the anxiety in The Mister's voice. He is becoming marginally frantic. He is rifling through piles of files in preparation of our annual appointment with The Tax Man... And the pastel-infused palate of spring is apparent in catalog photos, shop windows, and M&Ms.

If we're looking at the calendar, it would appear that spring has sprung. Pictures of flowers and blossoms abound. Puppies and kittens are the iconic figures of the current month. And yet, somehow, I still find myself unsure.

Maybe I just don't understand spring.

I know summer. That's when you put on shorts and flip flops and daydream about swimming pools. It's when the grass grows green and the bees buzz and the wind is more of a welcoming breeze.

I also understand fall. That's when the kids go back to school and the sweaters come out of the closet. The colors change, the wind has a bite, and the fireplace is a great place to gather.

Winter is easy. Snow, boots, coats, and pink cheeks. Sniffles, goosebumps, and shivering... It's easy to recognize winter.

But spring? I guess the consensus is that this is, in fact, spring... But I'm still wearing my winter sweaters. I'm still temped to bask in the warmth of the fireplace. The precipitation from last week came in the form of flakes instead of droplets. The wind still has a bite which is very reminiscent of fall. And the thought of swimming pools just evokes visions of polar bears...

Even though I'm still not convinced of the arrival of spring, I may be ready to do some spring cleaning. But I think I'll draw the line there. I'm not sure I'm prepared for the rest... I'm not ready for light cottons. I'm not ready for picnics or barbecues. I refuse to wear flip flops until the snow melts. I know April 15 is looming, but receipts, statements, and W-2s will just have to wait. So, spring? If you're really here, Welcome. I look forward to getting to know you.


honeypiehorse said...

Ah, yes, spring and taxes, like chocolate and peanut butter. I love that picture, is that one of your little men?

Bebe said...

I love this photo--but, no... It's not one of my Little Buddies.

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