Monday, July 13, 2009

Dance, Dance, Dance...

Nationals are in full swing. This number, Rock Your Soul, was choreographed by Travis Wall. It took 4th in the Contemporary division, and 2nd in the Teen Line division.

This quirky number is our super-cute tap piece, Bathing Beauties. I like to think of it as an ode to Esther Williams. My darling daughter is fourth from the left.

This is our production number, Working Day and Night. It won Outstanding Concept and Outstanding Staging, 3rd Place-Specialty Division, and 3rd Place-Large Production Division. HRH is holding the stack of menus.

The Frug pays homage to Bob Fosse. It won Outstanding Style, Outstanding Showmanship, 1st in Musical Theater, and 1st in Teen Line.

The girls also competed an improv number in the Musical Theater category and placed 5th.
Sacred Ground took 7th in Specialty Division and 4th in Teen Line.
Teen Company did really well in the Junior Division as well. Their number, Sinking Feeling will be in the Jr Gala competing for Critics' Choice. Sinking Feeling was also awarded with Outstanding Choreography, Outstanding Showmanship, Outstanding Execution, 2nd in the Specialty Division, and 1st in Teen Group.
Dancing Machine won Outstanding Energy, Outstanding Costume, and Outstanding Style, and 1st Place in Hip Hop, and 2nd Place in Junior Extended Line.
Nine to Five won 2nd in Small Production, and 1st in Jazz.
Concerto Due was a pointe number. It won a National Costume Award, 2nd Place in Ballet, and 5th in Junior Group.
Sow Into You won 8th in Junior Line, and 3rd in the Jazz category.
Finally, The Princess was in a trio, Man with the Golden Arm which took 5th in the Duo/Trio division, Outstanding showmanship, and Outstanding Style.
For those who are still reading, I'm sorry... But I'm sure that The Mister and Grandma and Grandpa are happy for the info!


Olivia said...

Looks like they are doing great! A couple of surprises here for me. Are you happy with the results?

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