Friday, July 24, 2009

The Boat

The Mister has been on a quest to purchase the perfect wake surfing boat. That's not news, since he's been eyeing it ever since we sold our Mastercraft X30. In fact, wake surfing is the very reason why The Mister was so determined to sell our X30. (And as an aside, let's not forget the trouble we went through to sell that beautiful boat...)

Anyway, our flirtation with non-boat ownership was short lived. bummer...

I went to the boat shop with Mister just days before I left for New York. The salesman kept talking--Mister kept nodding his head--I kept shaking my head... I was determined that we were not going to own another boat. While I was in New York, I even called to check on our ownership status. I asked,

Did you buy a boat?

His response,
I'm thinking about it...

After I returned home, Mister spent a couple of days on the lake testing different boats. The first day he said he didn't think he'd buy... He liked the boat fine, but he wasn't in love with it... The second day he tested two different boats. He came home from the lake and said he had fun, but he left it at that. A little while later I jokingly asked,
So, you gonna buy a boat?

His response,
Already did... A 2009 Ski Centurion ENZO SV230...

And that, my friends, was how I found out that we are now the proud owners of another boat. oh, yay... arg... ugh... ...


TravelByTurtle said...

Some folks are just boat owners, and you have bowed to the inevitable quite gracefully.
Lucky Mister!

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