Friday, July 31, 2009

A Wake & Board

The Mister has decided that he needs to share the love (for surfing)...

Remember that old Beach Boys song California Girls? I think The Mister is trying to turn all of us lake-lovin' land-locked chick-a-dees into Surfin' Beach Babes. While I think it's going to be nearly impossible to turn this responsible mother-of-five into a babe, I'm certainly willing to give the surfing a try. In fact, while I have yet to try to catch the wave behind our new boat, I have tried it behind other boats. And I have to admit, it is fun!

And so, to satisfy The Mister's urge to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to surf (despite our unfortunate lack of a proper ocean-front beach), we have embarked upon a new endeavor. We are now in the recreational rental business. (When did I sign up for this... Did The Mister slip something into my Diet Coke?)

So, the next time you feel the undeniable urge to grab a board and hit the waves, please give us a call. We are renting our 2009 Ski Centurion ENZO SV230 by the day. We also have wake surfboards, wake skates, wakeboards, and inflatables. Check it out at


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