Thursday, July 9, 2009

New York, NY

I realize that I'm a little behind in my 30 in 30 posts... But give me a break, I'm in the city that never sleeps, and there is just so much to do! I can't seem to find time to sit down and blog when Canal Street is calling... Or when the New York cheesecake is tempting... Or when Saks is having a sale... Or...

But, I do realize that this little excursion is really all about dance. The dance stuff is going well. Competition will really heat up for us tomorrow. The Princess will be competing against all the other dance divas for top honor in the solo competition. We never come expecting to win anything, but sometimes even we get surprised! She's been working really hard and now we'll see if the many (many, many) hours have paid off for her this year.

I'll try to post photos tomorrow--if the computer will cooperate... I'm using a new netbook and I'm not sure it will play nice with my camera... Wait and see!


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