Sunday, July 5, 2009

One more time...

I just dragged the luggage out of the closet. I'm pretty sure that we just got it all put away from the last trip. This summer, that beat up set of luggage has spent more time out of the closet than usual!

And now we're prepping for our annual dance trip to New York City. Oh, the joy!

We've bought new pointe shoes (bummer, they won't be broken in very well for auditions), new tights, new leos, and all the other necessary accouterments. The "break-a-leg" gifts are made for all of the members of The Princess' team. ...oh, and the tears have already started... (mine and hers!).

Seriously, cross your fingers that I survive this trip. It will be 10 days of little sleep, meals on the run, performance hair and make-up, costume disasters, high emotions, big drama, and more tears. I'm already exhausted!


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