Friday, August 14, 2009

Channel 120

Cartoon Network has lost it's place in our rankings for Favorite TV Channel.

The Buddies have just recently discovered Channel 120. What is showing on 120? Well, your guess is as good as mine. The entertainment featured is ever changing, and of unreliable quality. And yet, it holds the interest of The Buddies for indeterminate amounts of time.

So, what might we expect to see on a given day? It might be one of the kittens, a neighbor, or a friend. It could be grandpa, the FedEx man, or a UPS delivery. What is Channel 120? It's our security camera feed.

For some reason The Buddies love to watch the ever-changing activity outside our front door. Why? I wish I knew. They could go outside and play, and see things happen in "real life." But for some reason it's much more enjoyable from the comfort of our couch... With a bag of popcorn. Go figure!


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