Friday, August 28, 2009

Making the Bed

Personal Fact: I hate mornings.

Now that we've clarified my position of the AM hours, let me assure you that I do, in fact, make the effort to make my bed (nearly) every morning. And let's be clear that it isn't always an easy task. If I slept alone, it would be a breeze. I'd get up, smooth the wrinkles, call it a day. But no, The Mister can't sleep with the bedding tucked in at the bottom of the bed. He rips the whole bed apart even before he puts on his pajamas. He untucks everything and flings any unnecessary blankets or quilts onto the bench or onto my side of the bed. If The Mister is home, I have to literally make the bed from scratch (and I find it rather annoying...). I really wish I could train The Mister to either make the bed correctly, or sleep with everything still assembled. I wonder if my chore of making the bed has anything to do with my dislike for that time of day...?

Yesterday I was fed up with the morning sneezing and wheezing, and I decided to strip my bed to the mattress and wash everything. My theory was that maybe there was pollen and dust trapped in the bedding which was making me so miserable. I washed the mattress pad (a whole load on its own), the sheets, the blankets, the hypo-allergenic pillow covers... I washed it all.

After washing all these bedding items, it was my great pleasure to reassemble the bed. I tucked everything in smooth and tight (knowing that The Mister was out of town on business). I was looking forward to waking up this morning with an only moderately rumpled bed and a break from the daily chore of total bed reconstruction.

At some point in the middle of the night I heard a cry. One of The Buddies (I'll protect his identity to mitigate the teasing) was coughing and crying and climbed into bed with me. I soothed him and got him back to sleep... It wasn't until this morning that I realized what I should have done. What I should have done was tell him to use the potty and then tucked him back in his own bed! UGH! He wet my clean, freshly-washed, tightly-made, fully-tucked, nearly wrinkle-free bed!

Today I decided I needed to strip my bed to the mattress and wash everything...


honeypiehorse said...

That has happened to me too - L has peed in my bed right after I washed everything and made it twice!

TravelByTurtle said...

So, the Mister has at least ONE redeeming quality???

Bebe said...

What do you qualify as a redeeming quality? The ability to mess up a bed? That's certainly one quality I could live without.

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