Sunday, August 9, 2009

Revenge of the 80s

Have we discussed my issues? Because even if we started down that slippery slope, I'm sure we didn't get to the hair issues... Am I right?

My hair issues started in junior high, which I assume is par for the course. I had one of those very popular bad perms?* Remember how we (please admit you were one of us) blew out our bangs but then left the back of our heads all crunchy from an inordinate amount of mousse? Well, along with all the other nostalgic styles, I'm afraid that bad 80s hair is making a comeback.

Today I looked around my church congregation and noticed something that I haven't really seen since high school. There sat an attractive girl. Her outfit was well put together, including tasteful accessories and cute shoes. One of those accessories was a trendy headband. It was a look that she really pulled off, at least until she turned around... It was the classic "totally did the front but forgot about the back" hairdo. From the front her hair was full of volume and smooth waves. From the back, it was crisscrossed with a large collection of bobby pins and barrettes. Really? People! You have to understand that unless you are standing against a wall, other people can actually see your entire head! Please, comb all your hair!

* Just admit it, they were all bad perms...


Natalie said...

i know exactly who you are talking about!!! so funny ;)

honeypiehorse said...

Aw I kinda miss 80s hair..

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